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Is an open-air museum that promotes the study and exploration of cobblestone construction methods from 1825 to 1860, offering visitors the opportunity to explore three period cobblestone structures set in Victorian appearance and four wood structures highlighting 19th century agricultural implements and skilled trades.

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Post date: Sun, 08/16/2015 - 3:24am

Photos by Tom Rivers Posted 15 August 2015
GAINES – A new exhibit at the Cobblestone Museum will take you back a century ago to World War I. The museum has pictures of local soldiers, their letters sent home, their uniforms, and even their weapons.

The top photo shows an overseas hat. These hats were issued to soldiers upon their arrival in France. Like Cammpaign Hats, which overseas hats later replaced, they were meant to be worn while not in combat. The Clarendon Historical Society donated the hat for the exhibit, as well as other World War I artifacts for the display.

Post date: Mon, 08/10/2015 - 10:44pm

File photos by Tom Rivers
Matt Ballard, pictured in 2014 outside the Cobblestone Church, is taking a full-time job with Roberts Wesleyan College. He will continue to work as the Orleans County historian.

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 10 August 2015
GAINES – The director of the Cobblestone Museum worked his last day on Sunday at the museum. Matthew Ballard is starting a full-time position as collections services librarian at Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester.

Ballard, 27, has been a director at the museum since February 2014. He spearheaded many projects at the museum complex, including new exhibits, building repair efforts, a revamped Web site, and strengthened partnerships with other historical associations and organizations. He also cultivated potential donors towards the only National Historic Landmark in Orleans County.

“He has helped to move the museum towards the goal of expansion and enrichment for every visitor,” said Mary Anne Braunbach, president of the Cobblestone Society board of directors.

Post date: Sat, 07/25/2015 - 7:17am

Posted: Friday, July 24, 2015 12:00 am - The Batavia Daily News

By Jim Krencik

GAINES — The Cobblestone Society Museum is looking back to the “The Lost Generation” and ahead to a greater future in Orleans County.

The Ridge Road museum’s coming World War I exhibit is meant to bring awareness of the local involvement in The Great War before the 100th anniversary of U.S. troops joining the trench war of the western front.

“We’re capitalizing on the centennial of World War I, and we’re on the front edge, most museums are waiting until 2017,” Cobblestone Society Museum Director and Curator Matt Ballard said.

The exhibit, mounted in the Charles A. and Mary Jane Danolds Room, features artifacts, uniforms and photographs donated by individuals and the collections from the Medina and Clarendon historical societies and the county’s historical association.