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Looking for someplace memorable to have your wedding? Book the oldest Cobblestone Church in North America, no matter what your religious beliefs!

Located 2 miles north of Albion, this National Historic Landmark is set in the beautiful Orleans County countryside and will be sure to make your wedding a memorable experience. Within a short walk is The Historic Tillman's Village Inn, providing fine dining for receptions in this pioneer stage coach stop. Guest accommodations may also be provided at the adjoining and charming Fair Haven Inn complex.

How to get started

There are several options for reserving your date. You can complete the Wedding Interest Form located at the bottom of the page, send an e-mail to, or call 585.589.9013. We will respond to you within 2-3 business days and schedule a time to see the interior of the church if you would like. In order to secure the date, a non-refundable deposit is required.

Please contact us regarding rates.

Requirements to book a space

  • Complete an online inquiry form
  • Meet with our Assistant Director to discuss timing and space options
  • Sign a wedding contract, highlighting all policies set forth by the Museum regarding weddings
  • Provide the non-refundable deposit required to secure the date - full payment is acceptable

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Our Spaces


Church Sanctuary

Childs Universalist Church

The interior of the Cobblestone Church, which comfortably seats 150 people, has been restored with Victorian country character. The church has many charming features including original painted woodwork giving the illusion of natural chestnut. Music may be provided on an 1880s square grand piano, or a 1904 Estey Reed Organ. The bridal couple is welcome to provide other musical accompaniment of their selection (i.e., guitar, keyboard, etc.). The sanctuary is illuminated under the ambiance of period lighting which reflects its appearance of the 1880s. Many couples find little need for elaborate decorations as the church's quaint, rustic feel speaks for itself.

George W. Zeis Upper Gallery

Brick House

The Upper Gallery of the Brick House provides brides access to an open space for wedding day preparation. The rental of this space is included in the price of the church and includes a bathroom and several large mirrors in addition to the upper gallery space for bridal parties not hosting their receptions at a nearby facility.

Photography Space

Rt. 98 Complex

The museum has several locations for photography including the Rt. 98 Complex featuring the beautiful Proctor Brook, garden space, and historic buildings. Locations at the Cobblestone Schoolhouse, Ward House, and Brick House both outdoors and indoors provide excellent opportunities for memorable photographs. Please check with museum staff regarding available photography locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much time are we allowed for our wedding rehearsal and ceremony?
A. Couples are allotted four (4) hours for their wedding, which typically includes a one (1) hour rehearsal and three (3) hours the day of the ceremony. If you decide you need extra time or would like to have more time for a rehearsal, we have the ability to adjust the schedule.

Q. How many people can be seated in the church?

A. We believe that 125-150 guests is a comfortable maximum number, although there is some limited balcony level seating that could allow for additional guests.

Q. Can wedding photographs and videos be taken during the ceremony?
A. Yes, we can meet with your photographer/videographer before your wedding to assist with any preparation related to lighting and positioning.

Q. Can we bring in decorations?
A. Yes. Decorations will need to be cleared with the staff prior to placement. Many couples find that the church sanctuary does not need additional decorating, but we will work with you to make the space your own.

Q. Is the church handicap accessible?

A. The church is not handicap accessible and has approximately six (6) steps to enter the sanctuary.

Q. What if we don't have an officiant to perform the ceremony?
A. We can provide you with a list of individuals who have performed ceremonies at our church in the past.

Q. What are our options for music?
A. The museum has a functioning reed organ and piano for live music. We can provide you with a list of local musicians who have performed music at wedding ceremonies in the past and other musical instruments for musical accompaniment (guitars, violins, keyboards, etc) are permitted. Couples have also brought in sound systems to play recorded music. Please check with the staff before bringing any sound equipment into the church.

Q. Can a wedding reception be held at the Cobblestone Museum?
A. The museum does not have facilities for rehearsal dinners or wedding receptions. However, the Historic Tillman's Village Inn is located across the street from the museum. Many couples enjoy the rustic country charm of the Village Inn, which pairs quite nicely with the atmosphere you will experience at the museum. Tillman's offers options for rehearsal dinners, receptions, and lodging.

Q. Where can photographs be taken on the grounds?
A. Most photographers choose to stage photos in front of our cobblestone buildings, so that this unique architectural style serves as the backdrop. The Route 98 Complex at the museum offers couples an opportunity to take photographs alongside Proctor Brook, providing a scenic atmosphere. We can discuss other popular locations inside of buildings or on our property.

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