The Cobblestone Info Base is a repository for all known and found information on cobblestone structures in New York State, being created pro-bono on behalf of The Cobblestone Society and Museum, Gaines, NY and the Landmark Society of Western NY by Gregory Lawrence. Some structures in other states and Canada are also included as they become known to us.The Cobblestone Info Base is now in official release status and is beginning testing through the Museum’s website as a virtual library. To-date about 800 cobblestone structures with about 5000 images are included, each structure having a unique web page. The core of the Info Base includes all of the content of the “Cobblestone Buildings in New York State, a Survey by Robert L. Roudabush, 1976-1980”, and the “Cobblestone Buildings of North America” blog by Richard Palmer of Syracuse, NY.

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