Eddy, Arthur B.
Eddy, Sidney.
LaMont, Dorothy
Lattin, Cary
Pratt, J. Howard, #1
Pratt, J. Howard, #2


In the 1970s and 1980s, the Orleans County Historical Association (OCHA) undertook a very aggressive project of recording the oral histories of about 100 of its pioneers to record their remembrances for posterity. A broad range of topics are covered in over 100 interviews. The oral histories are listed here with permission of OCHA. (Please do not re-record or distribute without permission.)

Oral Histories

Arthur B. Eddy

Arthur B. Eddy Written Transcript


Sidney Eddy


J. Howard Pratt, #1

J. Howard Pratt Written Transcript


J. Howard Pratt, #2


LaMont, Dorothy
Dorothy LaMont Written Transcript


Cary Lattin

Cary Lattin Transcript 1

Cary Lattin Transcript 2

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