The parting of Ruth and Naomi depicted in this painting is one of many Biblical scenes on display in the church. The Universalist congregation in Childs was not particularly wealthy, so instead of installing stained glass windows they opted for cheaper paintings and prints to decorate their church.

Artist Jay Thompson of Albion would have used graining tools like this to paint the woodwork in the church when it was renovated in the 1870s.

Wicker chairs in this style were commonly used in churches in the Victorian era. The design of the chair itself is a subtle Biblical reference to Matthew 11:30, as the back of the chair is shaped like a yoke.

Located at the entrance of the sanctuary, poor boxes like this one are still used in many churches today.

Closeup of the organ.

This is the church’s original communion set. Universalists did not receive communion every Sunday, as that would have been too Catholic.

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