Salute To Our Volunteers for 2021

The roles of volunteers are a vital part of Cobblestone Museum operations. Our success depends on the willingness of community members to lend us their talents, skills, and most importantly, their time. We highly value individuals who make it possible to continue to provide visitors the opportunity to experience a unique period of New York State history.

Larry Albanese
Rev. Dr. Don Algeo
Ruth Allis
Erin Anheier
Tom Bailey
Jean Benson
Jim Bonafini
Russ Bosch
Mark Bower
Randy Bower
Shirley Bright – Neeper
Rita Burrell
Chris Capurso
Jeff Casillo
Kim Charron
Meggan Cooper
Helen Cotter
David Damico
Jim Dell
Grace Denniston
Rick Ebbs
Krys Elam
Mike Elam
Jan-Mikael Erakare
Diana Flow
Abby Freyer
Sylvia Goodstine
Kevin Hamilton
Leigh Hamilton
Sandy Heise
Christine Hunt
Andrew Johnson
Gail Johnson
Kathy Kast
Grace Kent
Wendy Kirby
Judy Larkin
Bill Lattin
Greg Lawrence
George Lonnen
Ruth Mathes
Sheila McAtee
Gerard Morrisey
Patricia Morrisey
Le Roy Neeper
Bill Ott
Andy Pasch
Toni Plummer
Brenda Radzinski
Mollie Radzinski
Chris Sartwell
Jess Scheuerman
Katie Taber
Marty Taber
Sandy Thaine
Sherry Tuohey
Maarit Vaga
Camilla VanderLinden
David VanderLinden
Fred Viera
Erica Wanecski
Doreen Wilson
Mary Zangerle
Tom Zangerle

Our volunteers provided 2,641 hours of service in 2021!

We have made a serious effort to provide a complete list of 2021 volunteers.
If we have inadvertently omitted someone we would be very pleased to make the correction.
Please let us know!