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Crowd turns out for art show at Cobblestone Museum

Kim Martillotta-Muscarella
Photos by Tom Rivers Posted 7 May 2016
GAINES – The Cobblestone Museum hosted its first art show in about three decades on Friday and 75 people attended to view work by local artists.

Kim Martillotta-Muscarella, pictured, organized the show. She is pictured next to some of her paintings that are displayed in the Proctor Room in the lower level of the Cobblestone Universalist Church, which was built in 1834.

Martillotta-Muscarella ran Marti’s on Main, an art gallery at her home on North Main Street in Albion, for seven years. She held opening receptions the first Fridays each month. Martillotta-Muscarella is shifting the shows to the Cobblestone Museum, where she said there is more room to display work and for people to gather in a place that is also open to the public.

She said Friday’s show brought out her faithful attendees and also many new people to First Fridays. She is planning more art shows at the museum each month through October.
R.J. Bannan
R.J. Bannan was among the attendees of Friday’s art show. He is looking at work by Connie Mosher. Other featured artists include Tony Barry, Tom Zangerle, Pat Greene and Suzanne Wells. Al Capurso and his band, Of the Bear, also played during the opening reception on Friday.

The museum opens for the season on Sunday from 1 to 5 p.m. with free admission for mothers.

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