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Civil War Ghost Walk Casting Call

The Cobblestone Museum is looking for actors and actresses of all ages to assist with their Civil War Ghost Walk, to be held on Saturday, October 19. Volunteers are invited to join us as we step back in time to October 19, 1862 and look at Orleans County at the time of the Civil War.

The Ghost Walk is a walking tour that plays out in the buildings on the Museum’s campus, including a cobblestone schoolhouse, the oldest cobblestone church in North America, and a cobblestone parsonage; all National Historic Landmarks. Along the way, Ghost Walk guests will “meet” apparitions of such notables as newspaper editor Horace Greeley, who once owned the cobblestone parsonage and penned “The Prayer of Twenty Millions,” in which he scolded Abraham Lincoln for the way he was conducting the War Between the States.

The Cobblestone Museum is looking for playful “souls” to fill speaking and non-speaking roles, along with a handful of energetic tour guides to lead guests through the spirited sightings. Acting experience, while not required, is a plus. They will also need volunteers to help with a variety of additional roles, many behind-the-scenes. Assistance locating costumes and props is also anticipated. Those interested in participating or learning more information should contact Sue Bonafini, Assistant Director, at (585) 589-9013.