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Historic Wood Window Repair Workshop at Cobblestone School

Landmark Society Hosts Event at Cobblestone School

Daily Agenda for Cobblestone Workshop
Day 1
Food, bathrooms, directions, phone numbers, etc.
Learn specific goals of attendees
Safety lecture
Condition evaluation of old windows
Early window construction techniques
Removing sashes from the window opening
Removing putty
Removing paint
Removing glass
Remove at least 3 units and begin work

Day 2
Evaluation of previous day’s work
Installing new sash cords
Different weight pocket configurations (or none at all)
Alternative and historic balance systems for windows with no balances

Day 3
Weatherstripping old windows
Traditional zinc weatherstrips
Cushion and spring bronze strips
Silicone bulbs and other materials
Meeting rail blocks, Andersen Pulley Seals, etc.
Locking Hardware

Day 4
Painting windows
Materials, tools, techniques
Storm windows, and other window treatments
Wood storms and screens and combo units
Aluminum storm sashes
Interior storm sashes

Day 5-One Day Workshop
Overview of all above
Small amount of hands on work.

We will use both power points and pieces and parts to demonstrate the history of windows and the repair/restoration process.

Topics include: 1. history of window making; glass; balances, and styles. 2. Condition evaluation/assessment – restore or replace?. 3. Removal of sashes. 4. Stripping and glass removal. 5. Installing new cords and other balance systems. 6. Weathersealing. 7. Storms and screens. 8. Working lead safe.

More or less, this is it packed into the day along with maybe some hands-on glass cutting and glazing.


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