Jun-2, Stone Church, 1434 Old State Rd. Extension [Sen-2]


    Building date: 1839

    Original use: Church

    Corner structures:

    Mortar application and content: Vertical heavy

    Types and uses of stones:

    Types and choice of windows:

    Structures with similar masonry details:

    Masons who worked on building:

    Unique features:

    Map Location

    Map views courtesy Google Maps. Address is Google Earth confirmed; 42°57'22.27"N 76°52'56.80"W. Current owner of record, Weideman as of the 2019 Tax Roll.

    Town of Junius and Seneca County Maps

    Comments, Additional Information, References

    First Methodist Episcopal Church of Junius was erected in 1839 is of Greek Revival style. A wooden porch is said to have once extended across the front with wooden steps on all three sides. The church today is privately owned. Date stone also contains two verses from Psalms. It has artistic stained glass windows. Richard Palmer blog.

    First Methodist Episcopal Church, Junius, NY, courtesy the Tom The Backroads Traveller blog.

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    Page 148


    Junius Cobblestone Meeting House 1838
    Junius Cobblestone Meeting House 1838.jpg ¹ Early 1900s
    04.jpg ¹
    GP Seneca Junius Jun-2 1-1 N
    GP Seneca Junius Jun-2 1-1 N.jpg ² 8/21/1971
    Jun-2 1434 Old State Rd Extension 1
    Jun-2 1434 Old State Rd Extension 1.jpg ³
    Jun-2 1434 Old State Rd Extension 2
    Jun-2 1434 Old State Rd Extension 2.jpg ³
    Jun-2 1434 Old State Rd Extension 3
    Jun-2 1434 Old State Rd Extension 3.jpg ³
    Jun-2 1434 Old State Rd Extension 4
    Jun-2 1434 Old State Rd Extension 4.jpg ³
    Church 2
    Church 2.jpg 4

    ¹ Image courtesy Richard Palmer blog. Attribution not provided.
    ² Photography courtesy Gerda Peterich. Cobblestone Museum.
    ³ Photography courtesy Martin and Sheila Wolfish.
    4 Photography courtesy Richard Palmer.

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