Con-2, Pavlove, 6050 Sliker Hill Rd., west of village.


    Building date: 1830's

    Original use:

    Corner structures:

    Mortar application and content: Horizontal and vertical similar. Mortar looks square.

    Types and uses of stones:

    Types and choice of windows:

    Structures with similar masonry details:

    Masons who worked on building: Same mason as Con-1 Watkins

    Unique features:

    Map Location

    Map views courtesy Google Maps. Address is Google Earth confirmed; 42°42'51.42"N 77°41'26.34"W. Current owner of record, White Holdings, LLC as of date (YMD) 190415.

    Town of Conesus and Livingston County Maps

    Comments, Additional Information, References

    The Sliker farm house at 6050 Sliker [Hill] Road, just west of the village of Conesus was built in the 1830s, a mix of field and water-rounded stones. It was placed on the National Register in January 25, 2007. Richard Palmer blog.

    Sliker Cobblestone House Wikipedia

    List of Cobblestone Structures, page 3, Township of Conesus, Item #2, in Livingston County dated 1961 (incomplete).

    NoteNational Register of Historic Places Registration

    This property is listed on the State and National Registers of Historic Places.

    Asset Detail National Register of Historic Places effective 1/25/2007.
    National Register of Historic Places Registration Form provides detailed information about cobblestone structure.
    Sliker Cobblestone House Wikipedia article.

    "Cobblestone Masonry", 1966, Carl Schmidt: Name reference, Griswold - Sliker House
    Page 31


    Con-2 Pavlove 1
    Con-2 Pavlove 1.jpg ¹ 1947
    Con-2 6050 Sliker Hill Rd 1
    Con-2 6050 Sliker Hill Rd 1.jpg ²
    Con-2 6050 Sliker Hill Rd 2
    Con-2 6050 Sliker Hill Rd 2.jpg ²
    Con-2 Pavlove 2
    Con-2 Pavlove 2.jpg ³
    6050 Sliker Road, Conesus
    6050 Sliker Road, Conesus.jpg 4

    ¹ Photography courtesy John Vrooman, from the archives of the Cobblestone Museum. The photo might have been taken in 1947 for a NYS Department of Education project that documented historic structures and sites as selected by local historians. Holly Watson, Deputy Livingston County Historian, email 11/30/2020
    ² Photography courtesy Martin and Sheila Wolfish.
    ³ Image courtesy Cobblestone Museum.
    4 Photography courtesy Richard Palmer.

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