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Cobblestone Construction

What would look better, and be better, on our farms than stables, turnip houses, piggeries, etc. constructed of materials which would not perish in ages, and which could be obtained and put up at an expense within the ready of almost every independent farmer! The stone must be picked up at all events and we might as well put them together for a building. -- Genesee Farmer, January 13, 1838

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Cobblestone History

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Cobblestone Restoration and Repair

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Cobblestone Tours and Guides

"Cobblestone Homes and Legends" of Town of Wilson, NY
  • "Draft of Cobblestone Homes and Legends"
  • Digitized text and map/key from pamphlet.
  • "Cobblestone House Tour Scheduled For Southern Part of County Saturday", Citizen-Advertiser, Auburn, N.Y., May 29, 1963
    Hartland's Cobblestone Houses, Town of Hartland, Niagara County.
    The Cobblestone Society & Museum tour pamphlets for Cobblestone and local historical structures.


    Definition of terms and phrases encountered in text about cobblestone structures.


    Association of Public Historians of New York State - Listings have the best contact information.
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    Historical Societies
  • Wayne County
  • National Heritage List for England is the only official and up-to-date online access to all nationally designated heritage assets in England.
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    Wayne Historians Organization (WHO) has created a Historic Sites Inventory. It's a "work in progress" and can be found at Richard Palmer email 13May2018.


    Map of Cobblestone buildings in Monroe County with locations marked by Dorothy Pease, 1940
    There are two methods to convert GPS Degrees Minutes Seconds to Decimal Degrees.
    1. To view the GPS coordinates in decimal value, go to the Google Maps insert provided in Map Location of the structure page and click on View larger map button. Move the cursor over the cobblestone structure and double click to open a window at the bottom of the view which provides the GPS decimal values.
    2. The 43°02'58.82"N 77°16'40.80"W configuration provided in the Info Base is the most accurate and is accepted when input into the Google Maps Side Panel search box; however, a degrees-minutes-seconds value (seconds rounded to one decimal place) and decimal value (rounded to six decimal places) are then both displayed on the Side Panel as well.
    3. The website converts GPS Degrees Minutes Seconds to Decimal Degrees. The Info Base states GPS position as degrees, minutes, seconds (43°02'58.82"N 77°16'40.80"W). At the site, input the just the numbers for the "W" value (77°16'40.80") in the "Degrees of Latitude" boxes, and the "N" value (43°02'58.82" - must round seconds to a whole number to input, 58.82 = 59) in the Degrees for Longitude boxes. Click on "convert to Decimal Degrees button to view answers. Google Maps only accepts the decimal numbers in the reverse (W Long.), -(N Lat.) order, and will round the displayed numbers to 6 decimal places (43.049672, -77.278000).

    National Register of Historic Places

    Cobblestone Info Base Index of Cobblestone Structures listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

    Albany County
    Cayuga County
    Chemung County
    Chenango County
    Cortland County
    Erie County
    Genesee County
    Herkimer County
    Jefferson County
    Livingston County
    Madison County
    Monroe County
    Montgomery County
    Niagara County
    Oneida County
    Onondaga County
    Ontario County
    Orleans County
    Oswego County
    Otsego County
    Saratoga County
    Seneca County
    Steuben County
    Tioga County
    Tompkins County
    Wayne County
    Wyoming County
    Yates County

    Historic Places - Search historic places and landmarks in the USA
    List by county of Historical Markers in New York State, Wikipedia
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    National Register Database and Research
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