Cobblestone Info Base Mission Statement

      The Cobblestone Info Base is a living, virtual library and repository of information about cobblestone structures in North American.

      The purpose of this cobblestone information base is to gather and make available all known information about the cobblestone structures of the style popular in New York State during the period of roughly 1825-1865. These structures include houses, barns, out buildings, schools, commercial buildings and houses of worship as well as walls and foundations. They are characterized by the orderly application of carefully sized small stones, gathered either from the field or lakeshore, arranged in horizontal rows and embellished with either horizontal or vertical masonry joints typically of a "V" cross-section. Built by local farmers and masons, they vary in architectural styles, decorative patterns and level of skill and detail.

      The Cobblestone Society, also known as "The Cobblestone Society & Museum", is a 501(c)3 organization which provides the educational Cobblestone Info Base as part of its mission "to preserve, to promote public knowledge of and appreciation for the historical and architectural values of cobblestone buildings and to promote and encourage historical research in the field".