Oswego County Structures

Oswego, Town of Oswego
Fulton, Town of Volney
Sandy Creek

Oswego County 1979 Highway Map

Oswego County as a whole was referenced in the Roudabush Survey with no mention of the Towns. Locating the structures on the digital county map is difficult; therefore, following the current documentation format, individual town references and maps are provided along with the county map for clarity.

Three structures in the Survey have the abbreviation of Osw-x; however, structures in this documentation are now abbreviated with the Town name. The Town of Albion Alb-1 structure would be the Osw-3 abbreviation apparently omitted from the county structure list in the Roudabush Survey.

To add to the confusion, the Oswego County Osw-2 structure is the Osw-1 structure in the Town of Oswego. Both Town and County abbreviations are included in file names and page titles in order to facilitate use of Town maps and Find searches.

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