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Cobblestone Tour of Homes – Sat. Sept. 28

Cobblestone Tour of Homes—Sat. Sept. 28. (11am-4pm) Self-Drive Tour Available (Bus is full.)

Our annual Cobblestone Tour will branch out to several fine examples located in western Orleans County and Niagara County. Ten stops are included in the itinerary. Self-drive and bus tour options are available. Self-drive tickets are $15 for Cobblestone Society Members and $20 for all others.

This year’s stops include:

A. Ward House (1840s)-Exterior & Interior
14393 Ridge Road West, Childs
Owner: The Cobblestone Museum

B. Lake/Hurd House (1846)-Exterior
3505 Butts Rd, Albion
Owner: Patricia & Peter Hurd

C. Arthur Barnes Art Studio (1841)-Exterior & Interior
12387 Maple Ridge Rd, Medina
Owner: Arthur Barnes

D. Stewart/Ciechanowicz House (1830s)-Exterior & Interior
12387 Ridge Rd, Medina
Owner: Margaret Ciechanowicz

E. Cobblehurst (c.1836)-Exterior & Interior
8856 Ridge Rd, Gasport
Owner: Victor Monter

F. Hartland Schoolhouse #10 (1845)-Exterior & Interior
9713 Seaman & Carmen Road
Owner: Hartland Historical Society

G. Babcock House Museum (1848)-Exterior & Interior
7449 Lower Lake Rd, Barker
Owner: Town of Somerset

H. Morgan Johnson/Schwarzmueller House (1844-45)-Exterior
2533 Wilson Cambria Rd
Owner: Anton & Arlene Schwarzmueller

I. Morse/Gallagher House-Exterior
2773 Maple Road, Wilson
Owner: Francis Gallagher

J. Wilson House Restaurant/Luther Wilson (1844)-Exterior & Interior
300 Lake Road, Wilson
Owner: Mike & Loretta White and Sons

  • September 17, 2019
  • 11:00 am - 4:00 pm
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