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A Day in the Life of a Cobblestone Family

Get a close-up look at the daily activities of a “Cobblestone Family” as we recreate a typical day-in-the-life of a 19th century cobblestone homeowner and his family. We will look back in time with the “mother” who will explain her daily chores around the cobblestone home including preparing meals, doing the laundry, keeping house and much more. We’ll also watch and learn what farm tools were available to the farmer so he could plant the crops, raise the animals, and bring in the harvest. We’ll see the kids attending the one-room schoolhouse and learning their lessons from their school teacher who taught grades 1-8 in a single classroom. We will also take a look at the family’s day of rest activities which would have included attending two services at the simple cobblestone church, where we will meet an early preacher along the way. Our living history re-enactors will be presenting in period appropriate clothing. The guided tour will include a short walk between our buildings on the Cobblestone Museum’s campus.

  • July 12, 2018
  • 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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